New Shaft Seal

This project to replace the old style stuffing box with a new PYI Packless Sealing System, was completed in March of 2011.
PYI_PSS_1 PYI part number: 02-100-112  WebSite
Rueland 1″ shaft collar part number SP-16-SS GraingerHere is a photo of the new Shaft seal looking from the port side at the shaft.  The clear and red hose is allow any air in the system to escape.  The hose goes up about 2 ft above water line, an added neat benefit is I can visually see where the water line is in relation to things inside the boat now.  You can also see the Shaft Coller I added to keep the shaft seal in place in case the set screws ever give way.

You can also see the patched hole where the original raw water intake was located.  Check out the project “Fixing unwanted holes” for details and thoughts on this.

PYI_PSS_2 This is looking from the Tranny back to the stern tube.