Stern Tube

This project to replace the original shaft tube, was completed in March of 2011.
shaftThruHull This is the 1-1/2″ Bronze Thru hull with one side ground flat to fit into the location of the original one.
shaftThruHullHole This is looking from the strut into the stern tube hole.  You see here why I ground down a flat on the thru hull to fit up against the hull on the upper side of this hole.  This flat keeps the thru hull from ever being able to turn.I cut a 1/4″ flat sheet of fiberglass, with the hole for the thru hole to fit into, to fit this area and cover the 4 holes were no longer needed.  I used epoxy to fasten the sheet in place.
shaftThruHull2 Here is what it looked like when I was done.
shaftThruHull3 This is the view from inside.I watched this very closly for 3 days and had zero water intrusion.  I think this solution is actually stronger then the original stern tube.
PYI_PSS_1 Here is a photo of the new shaft seal in place.  The details on this are here.